Moving Home

by Moose Blood

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Moving Home 7" available through Fist In The Air and
Day By Day records.


released 11 February 2013

Recorded in November 2012 by Ricky Beetleston @ Annex Audio.
Cover Photo by Padraig Croke



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Moose Blood Canterbury, UK

Four friends drinking coffee and writing songs...

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Track Name: Evening Coffee
I know they're in the next room but I'll turn the music up
'cause you're leaving in the morning and I'd really just like to fuck
That shirt looks better on you than on me it ever could
and that tattoo on your left leg looks better than it should

I'll close up all the windows and lock the bedroom door
'cause tonight you look so beautiful, more than ever you have before
Maybe it's cause I missed you on these past few days away
is there anything that I could do that just might make you stay?

So choose your favourite record and I'll choose mine
we'll drink coffee till the evening just to pass the time
till we know that they're asleep and I know that you're all mine
'cause your body tastes so sweet tonight.
Track Name: Moving Home
I saw God today, I asked him if I'm ready
'cause my eyes are getting heavy
and my patience is wearing thin
I'm a nervous wreck, I'm a mess, I'm a waste of time
if I could ask for anything it would be one good sleep tonight
And I guess, I'm moving back home.. In a week or so

Forget about what I said, I was drunk when I said it
I got the note you wrote, I cried when I read it
I don't wanna speak, just let me watch TV
I'll see you in the morning, have a good evening and sweet dreams
And I guess, I'm moving back home.. in a week or so
Track Name: Carbis Bay
Let's stay until the sun goes down and talk about records
drink until we're drunk.. don't worry, we are young
We'll talk about what's important
like your favourite Dashboard song..
Your favourite film of last year
and where our lives went wrong
Don't worry about the weather or how cold it is outside
I promise to make this better if you stay with me tonight
We'll listen to American Football,
sing along to Never Meant..
I'll hold your hand till you are sleeping
I'm so glad that I spent tonight with you..

I remember ghost stories that my mother told to me
walking hills at Carbis Bay, looking at the sea
I guess we're not okay from all that time apart
from when my father died, I don't know where to start
How to start to feel ok..
Track Name: Drive
We've been driving for miles
and I'm sick of driving so slow
Let's get out of the car
put on our coats and walk home
because the radio's boring
and your CDs all sound the same
I've got to get up in the morning
and it's starting to get late..

I think I've had one too many
'cause the floor seems awfully close
I'm so sick of this journey
and I guess I should let you know..
That I'm done
and I don't want to see your face again.
Track Name: Bukowski
Bukowski's growing old
this coffee's getting cold
I guess I'll never know
why you closed the window
Start reading Hemingway
start drinking cups of Earl Grey
then I guess maybe one day..
I'll be yours forever
I'm the best book you'll never read
you make me feel like Jimmy Dean
you make me feel like Morrissey
when you undress from your best dress..

To keep warm, I'll bring a sweater
you can have mine, it looks better
and honestly, you can take it home.

We'll take blankets to stay safe
I'll do my best to stay out of your way
then I guess maybe one day,
I'll be yours forever
I'll introduce you to Clarity
teach you the words to The Sound Of Settling
make you watch High Fidelity
on a Sunday, maybe one day..